Independent and globally active shipping company

  • Operation of charter tonnage, tramp and project shipping worldwide
  • Scheduled service-like parcel service (to timetable) for raw materials from China/Far East to Europe, incl. pre-shipment leg from the mine/production to port of loading, maritime shipment and post-shipment leg from the maritime port to the consumer/”door-to-door” service
  • Transport/marine logistics focusing
    • on raw materials of all types, minerals, ores, concentrates, agricultural products, fertilisers, coal, coke as well as
    • semi-finished products (mass products, stone/bricks, steel, etc.)
    • as bulk goods (bulk = mass goods, loose) or part load (break bulk= loosely stored, packed, e.g. in big bags or on pallets, packaged e.g. bundled or rolled) or combined
  • LOGISTICS ONLY – ONLY LOGISTICS! maritime shipment and general logistics for commercial and industrial customers with customer-specific, tailor-made services for the efficient support of the customer’s own supply chain management
  • Specialised value-added services with CTP SUPPORT GMBH and CTP LOGISTIC GMBH

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